Transmitting and reciving Electromagneic fields

Activity resource for Remapping senses Workshop

Using a coil or loop of enamelled wire in place of a speaker creates a transmitting electromagnetic field. This could be concealed into an object or placed around a space to create a distributed soundscape that can be interacted with.

We can interact with these sounds using another coil, antenna attached to an amplifier or a guitar pickup coil. So the soundscape can be experienced through personal headphones or mobile speakers, as the user handles the objects or moves through or navigates the space.

In this activity, we experiment with this idea, create objects spaces and sounds to be interacted with. We use mini Guitar amps as mobile sound systems. Create coils and amplification circuits.

How does this affect the choices we make when considering the objects we make? What are performative possibilities?

Transmitter Materials
Copper wire SWG 33 / .25mm enamelled copper wire / 500g / Solderable
8x 12w Audio Amplifiers 4ohm
8x Channel Sound Card
Cables and adaptors to connect

Sound recorder / portable speaker [mini guitar amp]
Guitar pick up coil
Or Create a DIY version using an LM386 chip and even a DIY coil using the same enamelled wire

Transmitter Loops.
Loops of wire can be coiled or spanned around space. Based on the amplifier spec – in this case, it is designed for a ‘4ohm’ speaker. To replicate this a similar resistance need to be created either using resistors [with high voltage spec] or a long length of wire/ the resistance should be measured using a multimeter.

Power. These amps can power a speaker well using a 9v battery – but driving a coil need more power and amps. A power supply gets better results.

a/ Create soundtracks.
b/ Consider how to use this concept to transform space / create interactive sound / performance.
c/ create and experiment



Kemo Audio Amplifier 9-16v
DIY audio Loop Project