Perceptual Illusions Activities

Activity Resource [Remapping the senses]

Demonstration activities
Spontaneous sensations in the hands

Clay hand / invisible hand
Materials: Clay, cardboard brushes, sticks [Further reading…]
Orignal experiment set up.

Hand Shake illusion / If I Were You: Perceptual Illusion of Body Swapping

invisible body experiment.

Materials: Google Cardboard, Blindfolds, Smart Phones, App to record square video [ Clips / Crop to Square – Free Mac OSX Apps] Video editing software [imovie/final cut]

  1. Make the Film: The film needs to be square to make full use of the screen in the cardboard VR headset use the Free App Clips / Crop to Square – Free Mac OSX Apps
  2. Import Movie, edit and upload.
  3. Edit on iMovie to create and a stereo movie / Use Cutaway /side by side function\
  4. Export to youtube / or to phone [if you can work out how to do this please let me know] and loop.
  5. View via youtube at full screen. To loop on iPhone, add video to playlist twice the press repeat all/loop playlist] and perform experiments.  [Further reading…]

Experiment with mirrors / synaesthetic touch
People with mirror-touch synaesthesia feel a physical sense of touch on their own bodies when they witness touch to other people and often to objects.