Experiments in somaesthetic art and the psychology of multisensory perception.
What are the implications of artists using galleries as perceptual laboratories or tools for exploring somaesthetic experience?
hands03 The beginnings of my PhD research in Multi-sensory perceptual illusion at MMU in partnership with “Foundation for Art and Creative Technology” [FACT] and Body Eyes And Movement [BEAM] Lab Manchester University. Funded by North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP) Scholarship Award.

Here I will post documentation of experiments, and notes on the materials that support my research, in particular, perceptual experiments, Experimental Psychology, or artists working with multi Sensory or ‘Perceptual’ art [Somaesthetics perhaps..]

Experiment phase 1: Clay Hand Experiment Design

Experiment Phase 2: The Mirror

Experiment Phase 3: The Well and the Window

I will also repost old posts from my other blog which provided the foundations for this research, mainly relating to my ‘Enki’ project 2006-2013 In a nutshell: electric fish controlling brain-machines interconnected with humans using biofeedback.

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