Alphons Schilling


39 / Alfons Schilling worked extensively with stereoscopy, creating large-scale stereoscope installations to view huge stereo images. And other perception changing devices, head-mounted / sensorial augmented / devices that hindered and/or expended the visual senses[Vision Machines]. Often so large as to be cumbersome and encompassing the whole body. he also used lenticulars and pioneered the used of Random dot stereo images.

“Schilling’s work is a discourse on the anatomy of illusion. a return to the physical experience of perception. this work locates the visual experience in the brain by completing its visual text there. The art of Schilling opens up a critical dialogue between the arts. This view of arias a sense experience, as the convergence of the work and the perceiver, which brings by work into existence, establishes the basis of that experience as a means of deconstructing reality and constructing through that experience a path toward a renewal, and the opening up of the perceptual (sense) experience.”

John G. Hanhardt, Curator of Film and Video, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York 1977.

Random Dot stereo works

An article discussing the artistic use fo stereo images in photography.


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