Drawing the unfeasible objects

I chose to draw each clay object created for the unfeasible objects experiments. Why? The photographs don’t seem to do justice to the significance of the object, its purpose and the process its undergone. Both with my self and the participant. They say drawing itself is a form of embodiment.

“In the gesture of a drawing, there abides the question of how human beings hold memory. A trace of the body, the projection of an emotion, a record of the experience of seeing are woven into the gestured mark, a kinetically vitalized inscription that can serve as a site of empathy and invitation as much as a line of mimetic description” Marking Time, Figuring Space: Gesture and the Embodied Moment. 

The process of drawing these objects given me a stronger connection with the artefacts created.  Drawing through a lens also has the effect of making one’s hand feel strangely smaller afterwards.


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